The Practice

What Is a Court Reporter?

The court reporter is an officer of the court who reports and transcribes testimony given by witnesses at trial or at depositions. He is an indispensable first-hand participant to the sound administration of justice. The court reporter is totally autonomous, independent, neutral, and the only person having authority to certify that a transcript is a faithful and exact reproduction of oral testimony. He must also ascertain that out of court depositions are conducted with decorum and good order. As an independent and neutral keeper of the record, he ensures that the public is protected.

Because of his important role in the administration of justice, the court reporter cannot concurrently act as a lawyer or a bailiff. The duties and obligations of the official court reporter are regulated by the Regulation respecting the training, skill and knowledge evaluation, accreditation and discipline of stenographers.

How to Become a Court Reporter

All candidates having succeeded certification are accredited by The Comité sur la sténographie.

In order to certify, a candidate must hold a degree from the École de sténographie judiciaire du Québec, or hold a degree equivalent to a college education (D.E.C.) as well as a degree from a court reporting school recognized by the Comité, and must have followed the theoretical section course given by the École de sténographie judiciaire du Québec.